SAF/GCR, relying on an AFOSI Report of Investigation (ROI), proposed debarment of our client.   Debarment is a very significant penalty for any government contractor, but particularly for our client, which derived more than 90% of its income from government contracts.  Indeed, debarment would likely have resulted in the end of the company.

The ROI upon which SAF/GCR relied for its proposed debarment identified several alleged false claims and intentional breaches of contract involving several contracts and spanning a period of several years.  After reviewing the ROI, we concluded that the allegations contained in the ROI were unsupported and the proposed debarment unwarranted.  We conducted our own investigation, including interviewing witnesses, reviewing documents and obtaining affidavits from relevant experts.  After our investigation was complete, we prepared a comprehensive response to SAF/GCR’s proposed debarment, including both a rebuttal to the allegations contained in the ROI and evidence establishing that our client was currently responsible, and submitted the entire package to SAF/GCR.  Within a month, we received a letter from SAF/GCR in response, withdrawing the proposed debarment.